Thursday, 2 August 2012

Week July 30-August 3

Monday July 30
Make up game against the Hotspurs from  July 12.
Game was 4-3 for Hotspurs, but it was a great game you ALL played very well. We are EXTREMELY proud of you all. You all worked Really hard in this game and really earned those goals. I would like to give special notice to the Actually scorers (Campbell, Henry and Kylan), But I want to give Special mention that the corner Kick pass from Nattas to Henry was very well done. I am sorry to say that I did not see where the one from Campbell came from, and Kylans was a huge effort that the whole line should be very proud of!
Tuesday July 31
Practice at Centennial from 6:30pm-8:??
*Please let me know if u are unable to attend.

*Reminder1 that Any new holidays that have been planned please send to me as I need a hard copy as my memory is not what it used to be.
*Reminder2 We will all have to put in another $1 for the pictures. We had a player missing and that brings the cost up. Any one who has NOT paid please see me at Thursdays game. Same anyone who paid me when I did not have paper to write their name on please send me a quick note letting me know you are paid.

Thursday August 2
4-2 for OSU Force Academy - You boys played a good game.
AWAY  Game against OSU Force Academy 2001 on the Foxfield Park Fields. Please arrive no later than 6:30pm. Boys need to warm up.
*Field is approximately 40-45 minutes away
*We have Andrew and Nattas missing this game.
* If anyone else is going to be gone please let me know. If you did and it isn't posted I apologize, just send me a reminder.
*Strachans are the snack and 1/2 time treat people as well as the flag person if required.

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