Sunday, 12 August 2012

Week August 13-19

 Monday Night  - Practice at Beckwith field 4 - 6:30-8:00pm
*player missing- Henry, Liam, Bradley, Jacob

Tuesday Night - Practice at Centennial Field - 6:30-8:00pm
*players missing - Henry, Kylan, Jacob, Cameron

Thursday Night -  Home Game Beckwith mini#6B  Great Game Boys! You really pulled it together. 4-2 Win! Glad to have you back Pepper!
1/2 time snack and after game treat - Monkhouse 
*Players Missing -Bradley

Please let me know if any of this info needs to be updated.


Saturday August 18
*Looking for 3-6 families to bring 1/2 snacks and or end of game treats. Probably don't Need Treats after first game, but...

Please Arrive by 8:15am. Thanks!

Game 1- Lost 2-1
9:00am - Lanark United VS Smiths Falls - Field Prospect 7A - Home team -Need White Jerseys
*Liz Caron is doing 1/2 time snack. Thanks Liz
Game 2- Won 4-2
1:00pm - Lanark United VS Glouster Hornets Green - Field Franktown 6B(regular game field)-  Home Team - Need White Jerseys
*Tracey Tavares doing 1/2 time snack. Thanks Tracey
Game 3- Won 3-0
3:30pm - Lanark United VS Portland FC - Home Team - Field Franktown 6B - Need White Jerseys
*Heidi Pesketts doing the 1/2 time snack. Thanks Heidi

*I really appreciate you three stepping up so quickly to help out the team!

Sunday August 19
First, Second and Third place teams will play today

*looking for families to bring 1/2 time snack

*Possible game times for the Boys are as follows

Game 1
8:00am -  Field  7A
Lanark United VS Clippers(Goodchild)
Arrive by 7:30am
Game 2
10:30  or 11:30 Field 6A or 7B
Game 3
This is the game for Gold(6A), Bronze(7A), Consilation (7B)

*Players that are missing - Bradley for Saturday game 2 and 3

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