Monday, 13 August 2012

MIST info

Here is some info that I have received for the MIST and thought that I should pass it along!

1) Washrooms: The Beckwith Recreation Complex will be open and, therefore, you will have access to the washroom facilities. There will also be portable toilets on site.

2) Vendors: There will be a canteen at the park, in addition to vendors selling soccer apparel.

3) Keeping the park clean: In our efforts to keep the park clean, we would ask that at the end of each of your respective games, you take a minute or two to clean up your bench area. We are also trying to increase our recycling efforts, so please look for bins with clear/white bags in them for recycling (i.e. cans, water bottles, newspaper, etc.).

4) Tents: You are permitted to bring and use tents to cover your players from the sun; however, for those on mini fields, you are not permitted to have them between the fields 6A and B, and 7A and B for safety reasons.

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